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Managed eCommerce Solution

eCommerce is a different than traditional Retail and quite complex in its own way. Small and Mid-sized retailers and Brands often face challenges in building and running full eCommerce capabilities internally, as it requires specialized technology and operational knowledge, as well as more agile, fast-tracked decision making.

ITB Commerce managed services ensure that an expert team handles your day-to-day eCommerce Operations, while you focus on your core business. Our team has experience of managing end-to-end eCommerce Operations of enterprise clients. Our Unified Commerce technological suite, and Business Intelligence Data solutions ensures that we run operations in a data-driven and transparent manner, providing full visibility to the client for each task.

End-to-End Marketplace Management

With its rich eCommerce domain expertise and experience of delivering results for enterprise brands, we can take over the management of your online marketplace operations. We handle everything from Product Onboarding and Warehouse Management to Order Fulfilment, Returns and Reconciliation.

ECommerce Development and System Integrations

Along with building and maintaining their own websites, eCommerce for enterprises begins with integrating multiple systems – be it legacy systems like POS & ERP or cloud based apps for CRM & LMS. ITB Commerce system integration capabilities ensure all back-end systems work seamlessly with your eCommerce website and other interfaces.

Order Management & Store Fulfilment

The seamless shopping experience is what drives customer retention & loyalty. With our omnichannel order management, you can allow customers to order online & pick from the store, offer faster delivery by shipping from the nearest store, or order from in store & have it delivered home – all this backed by real time data analytics.

24 /7 Customer Support

With our dedicated customer service team (chat, email, phone & social media), your customers’ will experience the highest quality of support service & assisted commerce. Our eCommerce customer support capabilities are backed by real time analytics & monitoring.

Returns Management

A brand needs to address customer grievance & product returns as efficiently as its delivery. Our operational expertise will help you define and effortlessly setup a technology-driven returns management process where all activities are tracked, and visibility is provided to the customer and to you at each step.

Analytics & Reporting

ITB Commerce ensures that we take data-driven decisions in each task in its operations. Our data science and visualization teams build custom dashboards and reports to provide visibility to managers and executives, as well as track performance of each task. Our Data Scientists also deep-dive into huge volumes of intersectional data to extract meaningful insights.

Open SaaS Commerce Platform

We provide End-to-End ECommerce Solutions for SME and Enterprise Customers.

Sell Anywhere
Retail Store, Amazon, Noon, Ebay, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

One platform that lets you sell wherever your customers are online, in-person, online marketplaces and everywhere with integrated marketing support to sell your products online to millions of customers.

Manage Everything
Are you Enterprise or Brick and mortar store?

We manage everything to build and grow your online business smarter without complexity which holding you back.

Managed Digital Commerce Platform

Control everything from a single dashboard with centralized inventory, warehouse management, orders management, marketplace, omni-channel and more.

The world of Digital Commerce is changing all around the world, are you?
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