Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies to build a Robust eCommerce Omni Channel marketing

You build a perfect Online store but no traffic or audience. To show the world what you have built, you need to start marketing your online business. Here is the quote about Active advertising "the ability to grow a Online business and produce income comes down to being able to use Paid traffic to break even or better."

Focus on your active marketing and advertising efforts on no more than two traffic sources initially to build your brand. Use Google Adwords, SEO Optimization, and Social channels to start the marketing of your eCommerce brand.

Customer Acquisition

You need to spend the 70 - 80 percent of your active advertising budget on new customer acquisition. To acquire the new customers, you need to know your audience and set your marketing based on your audience preferences. First promote those products, which are selling well on your retails store or any other channel you are using.

Email and SMS Marketing

Send the bulk emails often do not give you the results, as most of the people, who are not connected with you; ignore the message. You need to use the Email Marketing tools like Twilio SendGrid, Omnisend, or Amazon SES, include the unsubscribe link and take care of privacy policies, GDPR and any other compliance.

Marketing Data insights

Use the Google Analytics, Data Studio, Piwik or Adobe Analytics to analyse the data and retargeting the marketing based on your data. Improve the online store navigation, content, call outs or any action buttons which helps to increase the sales and trigger the customers to take action on your website.

Premium Customer Support

With our dedicated customer service team (chat, email, phone & social media), your customers’ will experience the highest quality of support service & assisted commerce. Our eCommerce customer support capabilities are backed by real time analytics & monitoring.