Commission Structure:
Percentage of Sales: Affiliates earn a commission ranging from 5% to 12% of the total sales amount generated through their referral links or codes. The commission percentage can vary based on the product category or type of service, with higher percentages offered for higher-margin or subscription-based products. you will get the complete information on approval.

ITB Commerce Affiliate Program that gets you paid

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Recurring Commissions:

Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 5% on all subscription renewals or recurring payments made by customers they referred to. This provides affiliates with ongoing passive income for as long as their referrals remain customers.

Performance-Based Bonuses

Affiliates can earn additional bonuses based on achieving specific performance targets, such as:

Conversion Rate Bonus: Affiliates who maintain a conversion rate above a certain threshold (e.g., 5%) receive a bonus of $100.

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