Metaverse Platform

The Metaverse Shopping Mall integrated with unified e-commerce platform to create an immersive experience within a highly sophisticated, completely realistic look feel that reflects brand’s vision.

The Metaverse platform enables retailers to build virtual store or brand presence in the metaverse world. It provides the same immersive experience as their physical brand store and new channel for the revenue generation. The immersive experience of the metaverse allows shoppers to massive shifts in online shopping.

The companies in growth markets are embracing the metaverse and Web3 initiatives across five industries:
1. Retail
2. Automotive
3. Banking
3. Education
5. Fashion
6. Hi-tech
7. Manufacturing
8. Real Estate

Metaverse Shopping Mall

Pre-Register your brand store at Metaverse shopping mall which enables the retailers to provide immersive experience to the shoppers and increase their revenue by selling digital assets.

Fashion Store Demo

Metaverse Brand Store
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Features of E-commerce Platform

Brand Virtual Store UX Design

Creating a memorable online experience within a highly-sophisticated, completely realistic look & feel that reflects your brand’s vision, providing your customers a virtual shopping experience to blur the line between physical world and virtual world.

AI Search

The worlds fastest, hyper-scalable and cost-effective vector and keyword search API integration with your brand store.

Product Catalogue

Build a 3D products catalogue to list your products in a brand store.

Order management

This feature will allow user to manage the orders, returns, and tracking of the orders.

Elements of a complete Metaverse

  1. Marketplace / Digital Commerce
  2. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  3. Device Independence
  4. Digital Assets
  5. Infrastructure
  1. Gaming
  2. Events and Concerts
  3. Online Shopping
  4. Digital Currency
  5. Workplace
  1. Social Media
  2. Digital Humans
  3. Natural Language Processing